Jacquie the artist

Coloured pastel pencil drawing of "Rug"

Coloured pastel pencil drawing of "Rug"

For as long as she can remember Jacquie has been drawing. Initially it was designing clothes that caught her imagination, but by her early teens she was painting birds and animals, undertaking commissions in the school holidays, including a series of sea birds in gouache for a motel in Pembrokeshire where childhood holidays were spent.

This passion has continued and in her spare time Jacquie paints and draws pet portraits, mostly in pencil or pastel crayon, a medium which is ideal for the detailed representation of fur (and feathers!) which can make a portrait so realistic.

Her favourite part of a portrait though are the eyes – “I often leave these until last as they can really make or break a picture. They are the soul of the animal, the one feature that can bring a picture to life and capture the character of a much loved pet.”

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